You will enjoy three catered meals daily. Menus will be balanced with an ample supply of greens and with an overseas palate in mind.


Shabbatot and Chaggim

You will enjoy a full 'in-Shabbat' program on the average of every fourth Shabbat. This includes Shabbatonim all over Israel and one or two in our own dorm.  On an out-Shabbat, we encourage you to make your own plans and explore this Holy Land!  If needed, your madrichot will help you with Shabbat arrangements. You will have the option of remaining in the dormitory, however, meal arrangements will be your own responsibility. The teachers and staff of Midreshet Emunah v'Omanut look forward to hosting you often as we view our homes as an extension of the program. For a particularly meaningful experience, you will also have opportunities to spend Shabbatot in Emunah residential homes.  Please remember it is appropriate to bring hostess gifts to the family you stay with over the weekend.


Integration with Israelis

You will find wonderful opportunities to live and learn with the many religious young Israeli women on both our Kiryat Yovel campus and at Emunah College. Our Chessed and Volunteer assignments also provide you with meaningful ways to interact with Israelis. We feel it is important that you encounter Israel and Israelis throughout the year.


Living in Jerusalem in comfort and safety is a unique privilege granted our generation.  Midreshet Emunah v'Omanut recently moved to a beautiful new location just outside the Jaffa Gate! In the heart of the city, every necessity is readily available within walking distance.  Beit Gesher provides all your needs on location: student rooms, kitchenette, cafeteria, office, library, wireless Internet access, laundromat, Bait Midrash, classrooms, Art studio and Music studio; all in a single guarded location. Each student room of three enjoys a newly renovated en-suite shower and A/C.

Dorm Staff

We share facilities with Midreshet Yeud, a combined program for Israelis and Overseas students which integrates Torah study with National Service. Several staff families live in the building providing additional supervision.  With you in the building, our own 'dorm staff' include your Madrichot, who completely understand your needs and our Eim Bayit. who opens her heart and home to you twenty-four-seven.


It is important that students have a cell-phone on and with them at all times.  It is preferable that all our students use the same company so it is easy for our staff to stay in touch.

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